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When you are charged with the final care of someone's estate, you need much more than just a Real Estate sign in the yard.  There are other assets to deal with, family or beneficiaries to answer to, cleaning, maintenance, and security issues.  When you don't know what to do first, or what methods and alternatives will best meet the needs of your situation, Prairie Property Solutions can help.  We help you manage these issues and provide independent and professional services from start to finish.  This way your fiduciary duties to the Estate will be professionally fulfilled without the stress of doing it on your own.



As an Executor or Administrator of an Estate, the amount of work involved in the impending settlement is overwhelming.  We know this, and we are equipped to help you through the entire process, from start to finish.  Because of our years of successful estate liquidation, we can easily guide you through this very important task.  We will offer you expert opinions and advice to begin the management and disposition of ALL the Estate's property.... Personal and Real Estate.

Your attorney and accountant provide immeasurable help with the liquid asset side of estate Settlement.  Yet, often the details and decisions involved in the sale of the family home or farm, furniture, and the other personal property are even more stressful and time consuming than filing probate, or handling tax matters.  Many important decisions are demanded of today's Executors.  We will lend you our professional advice and experience for disposition of ALL of the Estate's property.

Our Services:

Confidential Evaluation
Free referral network and coordination for total Estate Settlement
Structured commission percentage - no unknown fees or hidden charges
Extensive internet exposure of property
Integrity, Honesty, and Results
Coordinate auction of personal property
Coordinate pick up, cleaning, and charitable donations